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Aaron Huey

Aaron Huey is an internationally known speaker who has worked alongside tens of thousands of adult participants who were ready to trade their distractions for directions. His international Martial Arts team is responsible for the edgy breakthrough process called “Predicament” used by many top trainers in personal growth. He is currently contracted by Success Resources, to present his “No Holds Barred” approach in Spain, Malaysia, Brazil, S. Africa, India, Japan, New York, and California. He is also a Parent Coach for parents of kids at risk, a teen addiction interventionist, and a very happy husband and father of 2 young adults in college.

Aaron is the Founder and President of Fire Mountain Programs, and since 2004 has runs kids camps, teen camps and family programming and in 2009, he and his wife Christine opened a residential Mental Health and addiction recovery treatment center for teens ages 12-17 in Estes Park Colorado that currently has the highest success rate of adolescent recovery in the United States. He is the facilities trainer and leads the powerful parenting event, “Parenting Teens that Struggle” and is the Host of Colorado’s most popular Parenting Podcast “Beyond Risk and Back” which is one of Mental health News Radio Network’s 5th highest rated show.