With Dr. Ginger Bowler, PHD






Dr. Ginger Bowler, PHD

Ginger Bowler, ThD, PhD, CBI is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who now lives and works outside Boulder, Colorado. She is the protégé of the renowned healer and Master Herbalist, Hanna Kroeger, ND. Having traveled with Hanna Kroeger and studying with her for 12 years, Ginger took over Hanna’s teaching schedule when Hanna passed away peacefully in 1998 at the age of 84. After Hanna’s passing Ginger earned her doctorate in Energy Medicine from Holos University Graduate Seminary in Missouri where she did her Doctoral work on Hanna Kroeger’s teachings.

In addition to teaching Hanna Kroeger’s work, she has taught BioGenesis, Quantum Biofeedback Certification, L.E.D. Light Therapy Certification programs and has reached a degree of mastery in understanding the whole energy phenomenon and how this translates and relates to the human condition.